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Writing effectively is a major component of educational success. To facilitate student achievement in a variety of disciplines, Grand Canyon University provides its students with a Writing Center that includes style manuals, templates, websites, and writing samples to help students complete written course assignments, familiarize themselves with specific writing guidelines and requirements, and improve overall writing skills that can be used throughout their university careers and beyond.

Style Guides and Templates
GCU Style (100- and 200-Level Courses) MLA Style (300- and 400-Level ENG and COFAP Courses) APA Style (300- to 900-Level Courses)
Turabian Style (All MDiv and Select MACS Courses)

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Helpful Writing Websites

The following websites provide valuable resources for composing and documenting student writing assignments.

  • The Writing Process
  • The OWL at Purdue. An excellent resource for any question on either APA or MLA writing styles, plagiarism, etc.
  • APA Online. In the menu on the left hand side of the screen, choose Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Modern Language Association (MLA). MLA Frequently Asked Questions.
  • PERRLA: Your APA Home. Students can purchase APA software for use on PC or Mac. Grand Canyon University makes no claim as to the accuracy of this software in relation to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition, which the University encourages students to use.
  • TurnItIn Plagiarism Detection Services. Submit your completed work and it will detect any plagiarism you may have inadvertently committed, remember that GCU has a strict plagiarism policy. Students will be given access information by their course instructor.
  • Merriam-Webster Online
  • Guide to Grammar and Writing. This is a great site. Use the dropdown arrow for a list of topics like the writing process, outlining, the editing process, using concise language, etc.

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Writing an Executive Summary

In today's high velocity, change-oriented workplaces, workers have little time to spend reading documents which are wordy and where the reader has to search for the compelling information shared. The notion of an executive summary has become more and more popular as a way of distilling vitally important information for your reader, compelling them to your viewpoint as writer and strategist.

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Preparing Annotated Bibliographies

Students are sometimes given an assignment to write an annotated bibliography, either as a stand-alone assignment or in conjunction with a paper. The following resource provides guidelines and examples of annotated bibliographies for APA, MLA, and Turabian style. Consult the appropriate style guide above for guidelines and examples of the citation portion of the annotated bibliography.

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Creating Effective Power Point Presentations

Students sometimes have the opportunity to complete assignments in the form of PowerPoint (PPT) presentations. The following resource provides an introduction to some basic information, strategies, and techniques students can use to create effective PPT presentations for course assignments.

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Examples of Writing Assignments

The following examples are provided to illustrate general expectations for a variety of student writing assignments. The examples that use APA style and formatting are presented using the guidelines of the 6th edition of the APA manual.

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